Design and supervision


Complete design documentation for road construction:

  • A1 motorway, Roadside Service Facility Pojezerje and traffic areas Pojezerje on A1 motorway, section: interregional junction Metković – BiH state border (main design)
  • A1 motorway, design and landscaping of 6 green bridges, section of Bosiljevo - Ravča
  • D100 state road, section: Dragozetići-Beli, length 8.3 km
  • D2 state road, section: Suhopolje-Sladojevci, length 14.8 km
  • D2 state road, section: Vukovar-Opatovac, length 13.14 km
  • D5 state road, section: Veliki Zdenci-Daruvar, length 15.2 km
  • D21 state road, section: Pula-Bale, length 15.1 km
  • D38 state road, passage through Požega, length 3.02 km
  • D117 state road, Rukavac-Vis turn-off, length 4.9 km
  • D219 state road, section: Han – BiH state border, length 16 km
  • D8 state road, section: Kaštel Sućurac – Plano, length 10.4 km
  • D112 state road, section: Ferry Port Rogač – state road D111, length 3.2 km
  • D532 state road, south access to the tunnel of St. Ilija, length 3.9 km
  • D70 state road, feeder road from the "Cetina" bridge, length 1.2 km
  • Connecting road: the Istrian Y (​​Rogovići junction) – Lindarski križ/ Lindar Cross (D64 state road), 6.2 km long
  • Feeder road 2  to the bridge connecting the mainland with the island of Čiovo, from the state road D126 in Trogir to the county road Ž6136 on Čiovo, 1.5 km long (main design)
  • County road Ž6166, Omiš (D8 state road) - Kučiće - Slime - D39 state road, length 21 km
  • County roads Ž6098 and Ž6115, Kadnjice-Lećevica-Korušce (local road L 67061), length 14.5 km
  • County road Ž6235, Dr Franjo Tuđman Bridge - Oseljnik, length 1.8 km
  • Local road L67041, state roads Radošić (D219 state road) - Kukuzovac (D1 state road), length 5.9 km)
  • Local road L65048, section: Ostrogašica -Mirlovic Zagora (county road Ž6092), length 4.5km
  • Vela Luka bypass on the island of Korčula, 4.1 km long
  • Main port road No.2. and supporting infrastructure - Port of Ploče (detailed design)

Emergency/ heavy road maintenance projects/designs:

  • D113 state road, section: Supetar - Nerežišće, length 2.2 km
  • D220 state road, section: Tijarica-Kamensko, length 9.2 km
  • D512 state road, section 001: Makarska-Gornje Igrane, length 12 km
  • D1 state road, section: Knin - Biskupija, length 5.85 km
  • D39 state road, section: Cista Provo - Šestanovac, length 7.9 km
  • D1 state road, section: Pađene - Stara Straža, length 5.88 km
  • D60 state road, section: Lovreć-lmotski, length 22.42 km
  • Ž6228 county road, section Slano-Majkovi, length 4.3 km
  • L69042 local road, section: Trnovica - Čepikuće, length 3.3 km

Preliminary designs:

  • D414 state road, Janjina bypass on the Pelješac peninsula (state road DC 414), length 6.6 km
  • D414 state road, Potomja and Pijavičino bypass roads on Pelješac, length 5.0 km
  • D1 state road, Knin bypass, length 4.5 km
  • D8 state road, planned state road: Makarska - Podgora (D8 relocation), 8 km long
  • D37 state road, planned relocation of state road D37 in Sisak, length 3.0 km
  • D70 state road, Gata-Zvečanje, length 8.1 km
  • Požega-Pleternica-Brestovac expressway, length 24.7 km
  • Dubrovnik – Montenegro state border expressway, state road "Gruž" port - Čilipi, length 20.0 km
  • Planned northern bypass of Hrvatska Kostajnica, 3.5 km long
  • Roads in the area of ​​the Wind Power Plant "Svilaja"


Complete design documentation:

  • Conceptual design of the wastewater drainage system of the Town of Omiš and the municipalities of Šestanovac and Zadvarje rural countryside
  • Reconstruction and upgrading of the surface waters drainage system in the Port of Ploče, 7.6 km (preliminary and main design)
  • Sewerage network of part of Žrnovnica and TTTS residential areas (1st phase) and Žrnovnica - Korešnica water supply subsystem (1st phase); 2nd and 3rd phase of construction of the sewerage network of part of Žrnovnica and TTTS residential areas: gravity sewers and pressure pipelines in the length of 1.718 km and water supply pipelines in the length of 6.739 km (main design)
  • Drainage systems for following urban agglomerations:
  • - Kaštela - Trogir, 14.188 km long sewerage system network and water supply network of 6.554 km
  • - Sinj, Trilj, Otok and Dicmo, length of 9.875 km
  • - Hvar (Jelsa-Vrboska), sewerage system in the length of 9.4494 km and water supply network in the length of 7.155 km
  • Surface/storm water drainage of the Zlopolje commercial district – Vis in the length of 0.715 km, sewerage system in the length of 0.745 km with a 30 ES wastewater treatment plant (preliminary draft)
  • Water supply pipeline along the Vela Luka bypass in the length of 2.49 km
  • Repair of the "Šimića vrelo" pumping station in Knin (detailed design)
  • Water supply of the Konoba and Brnjača residential areas, water tank "Konoba", access road and pipelines (detailed design)


Complete design documentation with obtaining permits:

  • high pressure (HP) distribution gas pipeline (25 bar):
  • - Klis-Solin, with a length of 4.9 km
  • - Solin-Split, with a length of 4.75 km
  • - Solin-Kaštela, with a length of 4.43 km
  • medium pressure (MP) distribution gas pipeline networks (5 bar):
  • - City of Split, with a length of 29.40 km
  • - Klis-Solin-Kaštela, with a length of 20.54 km
  • - Town of Drniš, with a length of 7.99 km
  • - Town of Šibenik - 1st and 2nd phase, with a length of 4.14 km
  • - City of Zadar districts -1st reconstruction in the length of 3.037 km
  • Gas pipeline facilities: delivery station (DS) Drniš, regulator station (RS) Klis (Solin), regulator station (RS) Split


Design documentation:

  • Waste transfer stations in the Split-Dalmatia County (Split-Karepovac, Sinj, Zagvozd, Stari Grad, Vis and Brač)
  • Waste Management Centre of the Split-Dalmatia County – Lećevica


  • Determination of possible border crossing locations, examination of network effects at the Hungarian - Croatian border section at feasibility study level (Feasibility Study)
  • Transportation engineering study of the D66 state road corridor: Pula (D401 state road) - Vozilići, with the length of 44.8 km
  • Transportation engineering study of the D70 state road corridor: Gata-Zvečanje, with the length of 8.1 km
  • Popovec - Marija Bistrica – Zabok expressway study, including a preliminary design draft
  • Connecting of the separated territory of the Republic of Croatia by access roads


Expert supervision of construction works:

  • Construction of the D1 state road and L 67014 local road intersection in Hrvace
  • Reconstruction of D205 state road, section: Risvica-Dubrovčan, in the length of 10.4 km
  • Emergency maintenance of state road D113, section: Supetar-Nerežišće in the length of 2.2 km
  • Construction and reconstruction of public water supply facilities on the territory of the public water supply and sewerage management company ViK ​​Split, in the length of 4.0 km
  • Construction of sewers in Kaštelanska-Dudini streets with a connection to the Banova Street sewer, in the length of 0.356 km
  • Reconstruction of Zvonimirova Street in Podstrana
  • Kaštela-Trogir sewerage system construction, Phase I
  • Construction of the EVN gas network in Dugopolje
  • Other design supervision over numerous projects